Boost You Curb Appeal

Dated: 01/13/2016

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Making Curb AppealWork for You1. Paint YourHouse!Good prep work, likesanding off worn andchipped areas andpriming, can make anexterior paint job last alot longer.2. Change Lights.Change outdated light fixtures or addlights if you don’t have some already. Lightup your doorways and walkways.3. Add Landscaping.The right landscaping will make all the differencein the world. Plant a tree. Nothingwill appreciate more than a tree.4. Add Mulch.Mulch always looks a bit sad after winter—it gets spread around and blown about.Adding a thick new layer of mulch can workwonders for your home's curb appeal.5. Replace a Worn-out GarageDoor with a New Model.This will have a big impact, especially ifyou have a front-facing garage.Manufacturers offer many designs andaccessories, so it’s easy to find a new doorthat matches your taste and house.6. Illuminate Your Landscape.This will completely change the look ofyour property at night. Anglelow lighting pointing up attrees and bushes and pointingdown along a pathway forsafety. Keep it simple. Use solarlights that charge during theday and you will save energyand you won’t have to run wires.

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