10 Great Tips For Moving With Kids

Dated: 05/25/2018

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1. Pick the right time to announce your move. Organize aspecial dinner night and fill them in over pizza and icecream. After all, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicinego down! 

2. Get your kids excited about the move. From a comfynew bedroom to neighborhood parks and localattractions to explore, focusing on the positives cancalm nerves and ease concerns. Be sure to show themLOTS of pictures! 

3. Buy or check out a few children’s books about movingto help your kids prepare. We recommend this classic:The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day. 

4. Create a memory book. Have your kids take photos oftheir room, backyard, school and friends and help themput together a scrapbook to remember this stage oftheir lives. 

5. Organize a moving away party with your children’sfriends. Goodbye doesn’t have to be forever. Give yourkids something exciting to look forward to by planninga trip back to town!

6. Let your kids pack, label and decorate their movingboxes. Personalizing their boxes of belongings will keepyour kids busy and help you identify what goes to eachroom at the new house. 

7. Pack a box of essentials for the car. Let your kids choosea few toys and other belongings they want on-hand vs.packed away in the moving truck. Puzzle books (likethis one) can help pass the time and favorite stuffedanimals can be a great source of comfort. 

8. Moving far? Plan a few fun stops along the way! Don’tforget the souvenirs—if you’re passing through severalstates, collect magnets from each place you visit todisplay on the refrigerator. 

9. Assemble your kids’ rooms first. Set up their beddingand help them unpack. Their belongings and familiarcomforts will help them feel at home and reduce therisk of a meltdown—allowing you to tackle the rest ofthe move-in process. 

10. Stick to the schedule. Change can be hard on littleones. Following the naptime, mealtime and playtimeroutine after your move can help everything feel back to normal.

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