10 Reasons You Should List Your Home During The Holidays

Dated: 12/09/2017

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The holidays are here and some people think that is at cross purposes with selling a home.  The good news is that this could be an even better time to sell your home because it is the holiday season.  Take a look at what actually happens in the mind of buyers and how that can help sellers get their homes  sold.

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1.  People are generally happy during the holidays.  They may be looking for that perfect home and call it their perfect Christmas gift.  We don't want to disappoint. Some agents say December is their busiest month meaning buyers are buying.

2.  Decorated homes engage the emotions.  Buyers may relate or feel more connected to a tastefully decorated home.  Remember emotions buy!

3.  Fewer homes on the market mean less competition.  If you want until after the holidays or even spring time, you are likely to see other homes coming on the market in large numbers.  Less inventory now means higher prices and less negotiation.

4.  Holiday home buyers are more SERIOUS buyers!  If they are going out looking instead of shopping and going to parties, they are serious about moving and probably have an immediate need.  There may even be a getting a year-end-bonus they can use for a down payment that has them excited.

5.  Relocation buyers are on a strict timeline.  Some may be getting relocation assistance and need to get settled quickly to take advantage of the financial help coming from the employer to get started in the new job.

6  Your home may look its best during the holidays!  The pretty lights and the Christmas decor will get the focus of the buyers and they may not notice little inefficiencies of the home.  In other words, the home may look better with holiday decorations.

7.  Tax benefits!  Some buyers may need to buy for an added tax benefit.  Though this may not be the most important reason, it may be a motivator and consideration.

8.  Buyers may have more time off to look at homes!  Many get extra time off around the holidays and with the kids out of school their minds may go to finding a new home as their current home suddenly feels not right for the family.

9.  Life happens and brings life changes.  Houses become too small, children may want to change schools, parents may want to move closer to work, family members come and family members go.  Our needs change and this time of the year is not a discerner.

10.  The sellers can call the shots.  You don't have to move unless you like the offer and terms.  Remember serious buyers make serious offers.  Buyers may want to get the New Year started in their New Home.  You can make this happen for you too.

To list and sell your home during the Holidays in the Houston Area contact Laura Murdock at 281-912-4146 or [email protected]

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