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Dated: May 1 2019

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Got Bees? Our City Arborist Has Advice
With the recent rise in temperatures and the arrival of Spring, it’s very common for residents to discover a large cluster of honeybees hanging from a tree in their yard. Here are some tips from League City Arborist Heather McKnight:
  • Why are they there? Don’t worry. Spring is “swarm season”—when honeybees reproduce and “scout out” a new location for a hive. Honeybees often rest in a cluster on tree limbs for several days while the “scouting bees” find a new place to live.

  • What should I do about it? Nothing—the honeybees will likely move on within the next few days.  Don’t disturb the honeybees; most of the time, the hive is high enough in the tree to pose no threat. Educate kids about the importance of honeybees and to respect honeybees by not agitating them (throwing balls up into the tree or poking the hive with sticks). Also, you may want to refrain from using lawn equipment (lawn mower, edger, weed eater, etc.) until the colony moves on, since the vibrations can irritate the honeybees.

  • Will the honeybees sting us? Honeybees only sting to defend—which they prefer not to do. A honeybee can only sting once—then it dies.

  • What if the honeybees don’t move on or are stinging the kids? Call a local beekeeper to have the honeybees safely removed 

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