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Dated: 12/22/2016

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As someone that's ready to purchase a home the first they do is go house hunting and they viewing homes, but aren't pre-approved.  Not that looking for homes are wrong.  Your just prematurely searching.  People are always saying "I'm just looking to see what's out there" which is fine, but remember the market changes everyday. So what you see this week may not be here next week.  If you not ready to buy for another year, good rule of thumb, don't start house hunting until maybe about 2-3 months before your ready.

 So as a suggestion to all first time home buyers, get pre-approved first.  Getting pre-approved gives you the knowledge of what you actually can afford and will be approved for.  No sense in looking at homes that are $250K just because you say your comfortable with that amount, because the lender may only approve you for $180K.  So unless you have large amount of cash to put down, that why i recommend getting pre-approved. If you are going through your bank, great.  If you don't know where to start you should find an agent(most are happy to answer any questions) and they can point you in the right direction, give you lenders that can help you based on your needs. 

 Lenders can get people in a home with scores are low as 580/600 sometimes. Now once you have your pre-approval.  You know what your price range is, you and your agent can start that hunt for you.  Its also important to get pre-approval before house hunting because not all homes accept every type of loan.  Who wants to get their hopes up of having this beautiful home they just went to see and because you didn't confirm what resources you had, we can't close on the house. So let's do yourself a favor, find a realtor and they can help you to give you the smoothest process. 

I'm always available to answer any questions. I'd love to help you in your search.  Call me today 832-499-9808.

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