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I would like to take a minute to tell all of you wonderful people about myself and why I became a realtor. My husband and I purchased are first home in February of 2012   we had just had are first child so we  were over the moon with how great everything was going. come to find out the realtor i was working with had lied to me about things that were not done to the older home we had bought, instead of telling use the truth. we have replaced part of the roof and some of it still needs work on the pluming is not good witch we are slowly getting fixed. So with all the issues we have had on are home it has given me the drive top help others so they don't have to go through some of the same things of courses nothing is perfect but you should never re-grate buying a home. So i strive on being honest and as helpful as I can be.   

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Lindsey Vaughn

We work hard to provide our clients with the most positive real estate experience possible. A vital part of today's real estate industry is technology, and to that end we provide our clients with stat....

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