Hurricane Season Is NOW

Dated: 06/01/2016

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Hurricane season is upon is - June 1 through November 30th.   Hurricanes are a huge threat to those of us who live in the Houston - Gulf Coast region.    You want to make sure you are prepared & the time to prepare is now, before you are in a crisis type situation.  The following tips are from the ABC 13 Hurricane tracking guide.  The guide can be picked up from Kroger's and you can get additional information on the ABC 13 web page.  Have fun & stay safe this summer.

ABC 13 has provided the following tips & don't forget to pick up your hurricane tracking guide from Krogers.  Click Here for ABC 13 Hurricane  Center

Gather 3 days of non perishable food and water for each member of your family - you need at least one gallon of water, per person, per day.

  • Consider Storm shutters

  • Learn how to shut off Utilities

  • Make copies of important documents

  • Decide where your pets will go.

  • If you live in a hurricane evacuation zone, figure out your evacuation route.  (You can call 2-1-1 now to register)

The ABC 13 app will provide you with:

  • Audio Alerts

  • Interactive maps

  • Latest troipical storm / hurricane tracks

  • Extended and hourly forecast

  • Severe weather outlook


  • Category 1 - Wind/MPH 74-95 - Damage - Moderate

  • Category 2 - Wind/MPH 96-110 - Damage - Extensive

  • Category 3 - Wind/MPH 111-129 - Damage - Devastating

  • Category 4 - Wind/MPH 130-156 - Damage - Catastrophic

  • Category 5 - Wind/MPH 157+ - Damage - Catastrophic

Above information is from ABC 13's weather tracking guide.

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