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Dated: December 14 2015

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2/07/2015 | Author: Editorial Staff

When you compose a tweet on or in the Twitter app, you’ll see something new: a pie chart icon that lets you add a poll to your tweet.

Twitter’s Help Center has all the details about the new Twitter Polls feature, but here are a few highlights:

  • A poll can have up to four 20-character responses.

  • Respondents can only vote in the poll once.

  • No one can see how anyone voted.

  • A poll closes 24 hours after it’s published.

You may want to incorporate Twitter polls into your marketing in a few ways. For instance, you can gauge followers’ real estate interests with questions like “Do you own or rent your home?” and “Which feature would you prefer in a home?” Or just have fun by asking who they think will win an upcoming sporting event or which restaurant in your town has the best burgers, tacos, etc.

However you use it, this feature is yet another way to interact with followers … and keep your name in front of prospective clients. 

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